Universidade Atlas

Universidade Atlas

Explorar as grandes questões da vida. Ligar-se a uma comunidade de pensadores independentes

Atlas University provides students and young professionals with a deeper dive into Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism, connecting them directly with our academic faculty in-person through our Atlas University Speakers Bureau & annual student conference: Galt’s Gulch, online through our quarterly Morals & Markets Seminar/podcast with Richard Salsman, Ph.D., and through distribution of free educational resources via our Atlas University Activism Kits.

By engaging with our unique programs, you’ll not only gain a foundation of philosophy that will guide you in pursuit of rational self-interest, objectivity, and reason but you’ll also have a chance to network with peers and forge friendships that will enrich your life. 

For those interested in an introduction and independent study, dive into the resources below, curated by our prestigious faculty of scholars including: Atlas Society founder, philosopher, and author, David Kelley, Ph.D., renowned published philosopher, speaker, & professor, Stephen Hicks, Ph.D., former wall-street banker and current assistant professor of Political Economy at Duke, Richard Salsman, Ph.D., Director of Sociedad Atlas, speaker, and Latin American activist, Antonella Marty, commentator and author, Rob Tracinski, and philosopher, professor, and well-known public speaker, Jason Hill, Ph.D.

Motivational quote with illustration by Ayn Rand from the Atlas Society

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Promovemos o Objectivismo aberto: a filosofia da razão, da realização, do individualismo, e da liberdade.